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Data Management

Why Does Data Matter?

Big Data and Small Business don’t have to be enemies. The flood of data online and across mobile apps generated by Big Business corporations with multi-million dollar marketing budgets can overwhelm small to medium sized businesses. This can leave business owners with a sense of futility and not knowing where to start. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What Kind of Data Do Search Engines Look For?
PageHub provides Data Management solutions that address the “Four V’s” of Big Data: Volume, Variety, Velocity & Veracity. Our data streams create a steady volume of diverse business listings across platforms that search engines consider trusted citation sources. When the search engine’s crawlers find the structured content about our clients’ businesses on these platforms it benefits them when the search engine’s local search algorithm is formulating the search engine results.

Web Traffic Data Management
Business being Scanned

Scan Tool

Online Business Listing Scans

The Internet is a big place. Is there incorrect information out there about your business? Missing info entirely? When search engines run their local search algorithm they look for information on your business and assess whether or not it is consistent.

This information is often located in listings on online business directories. Our Online Business Listing Scan program scans these sites when you sign up with us, creating a snapshot of your business before our work begins, and scans it again after showing the progress made.


ClientHub is all about your business. We centralize all business information, content, listings and analytics in one place for easy monitoring of your online presence.

PageHub data streams send your business info out to dozens of online business directories creating citations and backlinks to your website. ClientHub links to your online accounts, pulling in data from across the Internet.

ClientHub Dashboard
business intelligence

Business Intelligence

PageHub makes Business Intelligence available to Small Business, so it has the information to make decisions like Big Business.

How Can Business Intelligence Help Me?
PageHub conducts extensive online research about your business, using a combination of proprietary technology and experienced technicians. We get to know your business in order to accurately represent you and understand the market that you are competing in. Our team uses the data to drive forward thinking solutions in creating a new digital marketing strategy.

What Kind of Information Will I Get?
After we have completed this deep research, we look at market trends online. Our technicians analyze which keywords & search phrases relevant to your business are trending with prospective customers. Once this process has been completed our Onboarding Team will send you a Business Intelligence Report.